I love to think beyond design

I'm a design thinker.

I build electrifying experiences and purposeful interfaces

I am user's

I create extraordinary design for beloved brands

I'm your
Pitch bitch.

I analyze requirements, shape concepts and fokus on goals

I'm your
think tank.

I write treatments, scribble storyboards, direct and cut it on the edge

I'm a motion maker.

I experiment, break the rules and have fun

I really love
my job.



And yes, I am a hybrid, a holistic designer. Someone who does not distinguish between the tiny differences of disciplines like UX and UI. Because: does the "U" (user) differentiate? Nope. Therefor I am constantly switching between the areas of business requirements, fundamental conceptual planning of information architecture and dramaturgy, as well as designing digital experiences and service applications according to the rules of convincing brand communication and intuitive usability.

Digital Experiences

automotive projects

clients & teams

Meet the old hand with his new skills

Comprehensively University Studies / Since 2007 Automotive, since 2015 Telecommunication / Big agencies - big clients - big projects / Calculation and project setup / Academic Lecturer / Disciplinary Team Lead / Well knowledge of agile methods and project workflow such as scrum, kanban, design thinking and google design sprints


Digital Customer Experience

Naturally, this is the kings discipline. Everything rules about the customer, convincing him about the product and getting his trust for the brand. But: creating the flow means always a spagat between a long term based brand building and short termed conversion targets. And exact this is, were I defined my role for: concepting a most perfect customer experience always jumping between those two poles, fullfilling the KPI's and converting at the end.


User Experience Architecture

This defines the concept, the dramaturgy, how we bring the customer from A to B in a consistent and hopefully exiting journey. This is, where we have to follow the rules of usability, but this is also, where we have to fight for good ideas breaking with existing (mostly technical) restrictions. Here it is, where ping-pong gives birth to ideas, where a good team collaboration ends in great product expierences. But this is also, where I can bring in my many years of professional experience.


User Interface

Visual concept and logic of design systems, filling pattern libraries and building applications and digital products out of it; always based on the brand look and feel, build for the needs of the users and following the rules of usability: this is a design discipline at it's best. My daily bread and butter.



Okay, as every well educated designer knows, at the end everthing is about talent. And creative direction is something like the mother of talents, in my opinion. As a creative director I am able to find convincing ideas, develop concepts visually and contently from the scratch to the final digital product. But in iterative projects, it is also important not to lose sight of the common goal of business targets and user requirements. For this, I switch to the role of a diplomatic UX consultant and I am very glad that this engagement has pleased my previous clients.

Drop me into your team or I will bring my buddies

Let me play Ping-Pong

Hell yeah, of course I can't do everything alone. I don't like to be the one-man-show. Everybody knows: Excellence arises when playing Ping-Pong. I love creating powerful results in interdisciplinary teams with engaged collegues. Doesn't matter wether it's called SCRUM, agile, text-art-couple, awesome-film-production-team or the classical war room prisoners. See the places where I shaped my skills; all the fame to my collegues at these agencies.

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